Evangelismos ICU chief: Our hope is to have enough ICU beds for all patients that need them

Evangelismos Hospital has increased the number of beds in its ICU to 70 from the 30 operating under normal circumstances, the head of the hospital’s ICU ward, Anastasia Kotanidou, said in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Friday, while referring to the nationwide effort to increase the number of beds for coronavirus patients in ICUs throughout the country.

According to Kotanidou, a professor οf pulmonology teaching at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and at Evangelismos hospital in Athens, “there are enough ICU beds for patients suffering from COVID-19 for the present.” When asked what will happen if 1,000 beds are needed in April, however, she replied: “We can’t make such predictions because the number of cases is rising at a steady pace and the number of patients needing an ICU is still controlled”.

She expressed hope that Greece will not reach the point where doctors must choose between patients that need to be treated in an ICU, as has happened in Italy and in Spain, noting that social distancing measures for the protection of the people were taken early in Greece. “As long as people comply with the instructions given and the incidents do not skyrocket, we are optimistic,” she said.