Event on Chalki to inaugurate island’s green transformation on Friday

Chalki island in the SE Aegean will be incorporated in the national GR-eco island plan for transition of Greeks islands to green energy in a ceremony on Friday, in the presence of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, ministers, and French Ambassador to Greece Patrick Maisonnave.

The plan is to make the island energy self-sufficient and to introduce electromobility, as well as other features of “smart cities”. A memorandum to that effect was signed in July by Envirnoment & Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas, the French Embassy in Athens, the South Aegean Region, the Municipality of Chalki, the Public Power Corporation, the Syngelidis/Citroen Group , Akuoenergy Greece, Omexom/Vinci Energies, Vodafone Hellas and ALD Automotive. Papastratos company is contributing an electricity-powered ship for summer transport.

Part of the reason the island was picked is its strategic location and the fact Chalki is under the aegis of UNESCO as an International Peace & Friendship Center.