Everybody acknowledges that Europe needs to create its own institutions, says PM Tsipras

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in statements he made upon his arrival at the EU Summit held in Tallinn on Friday, noted that the EU heads of state and government “had a very interesting discussion” during their meeting on Thursday.

“I believe that everyone understands the need to have a substantive discussion on Europe’s future. We have all reached our conclusions and become wiser due to the crises we faced during this time and the difficulties we had in overcoming them, which we have largely succeeded in doing. We were not as successful, I believe, in defending our values. I think everyone is aware of the need for bold reforms to the institutional framework. There are different views and these views must converge to find the common ground. The fact that everyone acknowledges the need to proceed rapidly with this dialogue and make bold decisions, with a time-horizon in 2019, is positive,” he said.

Moreover, it was also positive that everybody now acknowledged the need for Europe to have a strong institutional framework so it can stand on its feet, Tsipras added.

“I was struck that even representatives of countries that previously considered a support programme in Europe without the IMF’s presence inconceivable, were yesterday talking about the need for Europe to create its own equivalent institutions so that it was not necessary to invite foreign institutions to support our needs” he said.