Everyone is against gold mining in Chalkidiki, MEP Kouneva says

The Committee on Petitions decided not to close the issue of the petitions regarding gold mining. It will send new questions to the European Commission and ask the relevant Greek ministries and municipality for a detailed briefing.

SYRIZA MEP Konstantina Kouneva as well as all the Greek MEPs (Sofia Sakorafa, Notis Marias, Sotiris Zarianopoulos, Nikos Chountis), who were present in the Committee, were in favour of the petitions.

Kouneva spoke of a true crime against the environment that the residents and local authorities in Chalkidiki and the Greek government seek to prevent and criticized the European Commission that ruled there is no breach of European legislation.

“The case described in the petitions regarding gold mining in Chalkidiki is a huge scandal, a real scandal against the environment, the local community and the public interest. And that is the reason why I am asking the Petition Committee to keep the issue open and call on the Commission to investigate the case in depth,” she underlined.