Everything ready for Scorpions ‘Once in a Lifetime’ concert in Athens

Everything is ready for the Scorpions concert “Once in a Lifetime” to be held on Monday evening, in the ‘Kallimarmaro’ Panathenaic stadium in central Athens.

The veterans of the rock scene will be sharing the limelight with the Athens State Orchestra, in order to present some of their biggest hits in a symphonic rendition.

“It will not be a simple concert, but a great cultural event, a special experience, not only for the public but also for ourselves,” guitarist Rudolf Schenker and singer Klaus Meine said, setting the tone of the evening’s entertainment.

“We are excited to play in this place, but also to meet familiar faces we met in the early 1990s. Kallimarmaro is reason enough in itself to christen a gig a “once in a lifetime concert”. Of course we always played in wonderful places like Lycabettus, just this time the history of the monument and the collaboration with classical music will make the concert unique,” they stressed.

In Monday’s concert, the band said that they will attempt to create a bridge between rock and symphonic music, adding that different types of music need to “meet”.

“Music connects people. It is a dialect that brings people closer, in good times and in bad times,” they said.