Evia a ‘picture of destruction and complete abandonment’, SYRIZA’s Tzanakopoulos says

“What we are seeing here in northern Evia after the fires of the summer and the floods on the day before yesterday is a picture of destruction and complete abandonment,” main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance Secretary Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Monday, in a statement to television crews while touring flood-stricken areas of the island at the head of a party delegation.

He noted that no flood protection works had been carried out, or even planned, with the government opting for a “supposed comprehensive intervention” that essential abandoned the entire area to its fate.

“In reality, the water coming down the mountain as a result of the destructive fires had nowhere to go and tore down everything in its path,” Tzanakopoulos said, accusing the government of abandoning Evia “both operationally and politically” and focusing exclusively on promoting business deals for exploiting the regions for purposes other than those of its residents or what was in their interests.
“We will continue our inspection of the entire area, because the further up one goes, the worse things get. The beaches have been ruined, property has been destroyed in circumstances that were considered not merely possible but a given,” he added.