Evia firefighting efforts facing endless rekindlings, new wildfire fronts

Firefighting efforts on the northern end of Evia are dealing with constant rekindlings of wildfires, some of which become linked into a much larger front, as of Tuesday afternoon.

As the day was ending, firefighters from Greece and abroad, along with volunteers and residents of the island focused on Ellinika, Agriovotano, Asmini, Galatsona and Avgaria as the fires that began on August 3 have destroyed a large section of the island in the north. A front in Kamatriades is still out of control, with firefighters trying to prevent its expansion.

Several fires are difficult to fight, as they burn at steep mountainsides where the only access is by ground teams or airplanes and helicopters. An example of such a front was Simia, which rekindled and moved north to Telethrio.

Another front, from Kamatriades to Galatsona and Kamaria has been attacked by land and air to weaken it, while firefighters also needed to put out fires at Vassilika and Psaropouli.

Late on Tuesday afternoon firefighters collected between Agriovotano and Ellinika, on the Aegean Sea side, across from Pontikonissi, to fight a new front kindled in the area.

During the day, heavy machinery opened several kilometers long fire zones, restricting some of the firefronts’ progress.

Several villages have been evacuated over the 8-day destruction of forestland and villages, while residents of several have decided to stay and save their homes, joining firefighting efforts.

In the Mantoudi-Limni and Agia Anna township, several villages are seeing rekindling of fires, while efforts are continuing in Troupi, Kalyvia, Myrtia and Kandili mountain.