EVOL says turnover up 5.0 pct in 2016

EVOL, a Greek dairy industry, reported an increase of around 5.0 pct in turnover to 17 million euros in 2016, while profits were around 2015 levels at 1.7 million euros, Nikitas Printzos, president of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Volos and of EVOL, told ANA.

Printzos said EVOL managed to raise its sales steadily during the crisis, along with its volume of sales and to report higher profits. The company has no bank debt and enjoys significant liquidity. “Our producers enjoy the best prices in milk in the country and are paid always at the end of each month,” he noted.

EVOL recently completed a 6.5 million euros investment plan to create a cow and goat milk bottling unit. Printzos said the company offers a wide range of bio dairy products and has raised the number of its product codes to 55. EVOL plans to further expand its sales network around the country with the aim to cover the whole country by 2018.