Executives in Greece more optimistic over economic developments, EY survey

Greek business executive are significantly more optimistic over developments in the Greek economy, with the rate of optimism rising to 88 pct in the latest Capital Confidence Barometer by EY, compared with 54 pct a year ago.

This optimism is accompanied by a positive picture over fundamental economic data, such as profits, short-term market stability and availability of credit. As a result, the survey showed that 88 pct of executives expect their businesses to grow by 6-15 pct next year.

However, despite their optimism, executives in Greece were concerned over a series of possible risks, such as the likelihood of economic slowdown that concerns 38 pct of executives in Greece (33 pct globally). Executives in Greece are also concerned about attracting human talent, a slowdown in demand and accessing new capital, while global executives were more concerned about he possibility of economic slowdown.

In Greece, executives placed more emphasis on developing new products and services, while more that half (54 pct) expect to use mergers and acquisitions in the framework of their growth efforts next year, and mostly abroad. A spectacular 100 pct of executives in Greece said they will invest in technology, while the majority see corporate governance, social and environmental issues as extremely important in creating value in the long-term.