Exhibition dedicated to the design of urban hotel rooms in Greece opens its doors at the Benaki Museum’s Pireos Street

“Room18”, an entire exhibition dedicated to the design of urban hotel rooms in Greece and featuring three life-size room designs awarded by the Pan European Design Competition, opens its doors at the Benaki Museum’s Pireos Street Annexe on Friday.

“This exhibition is not of a utopian nature. It aims at real results, to influence the thinking of all those involved in tourism (architects, hoteliers and others), and perhaps stimulate the minds of potential residents, so that they seek out not just the experience of the hotel but also of the room that they will occupy,” said architecture professor Dr. Georgios Panetsos during a press conference held at the Benaki Museum on Thursday. It was the first time that an attempt was made to actually implement the results of an architectural competition in Greece, he added, while noting that the entries in the competition had exceeded expectations, both in terms of their number and their quality.

Presented by the International Architecture Review DOMES, “Room 18 – The Design of a Typical Hotel Room” will feature various concepts in hotel-room design, from a park-like room inspired by the Champs Elysee, to a “room-corridor” where the height of all the furniture can be adjusted and changed or a “sleep area in a floating dream box”.

It will be held in a space of 500 square metres with life-size reconstructions of the award-winning room designs of Leonidas Papalampropoulos (1st Prize – Greece), João Prates Ruivo (2nd Prize – Portugal) and Sara Navazo Saez De Arregui & Edorta Larizgoitia Andueza (3rd Prize – Spain).

The visitors will have the opportunity to wander through the rooms and experience a space that, according to the organisers, “defies the conventional boundaries, focusing on the concept of residence, as a separate structure that creates new feelings and perceptions.”

The exhibition will also present the 262 designs submitted for Competition Room18, in the form of A1 signs.
The exhibition aims to present ideas that “revise the existing principles in the architecture of hospitality and focus on personalization and on the needs of the modern traveler.”

The hotel room designs are all based on the specifications set by the tourism ministry for a four-star hotel and the exhibition will run until December 4.