Exhibition on I. Capodistrias at the Art Gallery of Corfu

Rare documents, newspapers, pieces of art and digital reproductions on the life and work of the Greek diplomat and politician and first head of the state of independent Greece Ioannis Capodistrias will be presented in an exhibition at the department of the Permanent Collection of the Art Gallery of the municipality of Corfu.

The inauguration of this special exhibition will be held on Monday by parliament president Nikos Voutsis, in the context of the celebration of the integration of the Ionian islands to Greece on 21 May 1864.

“We are happy to host a large number of original and rare exhibits as we managed to collect 55 original works from documents related with the life and work of Capodistrias, said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency the art director of the municipal gallery of Corfu Vasso Kavadia.

The exhibition will run until 30 December 2018.