Exiting memoranda and cleansing institutions the main focus, says Tzanakopoulos

The main focus of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government’s efforts are the major goals of exiting the memorandum programmes and cleansing Greek institutions, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Friday, speaking to the private radio station Alpha 9.89.

Tzanakopoulos had been asked if there were any problems in relations between SYRIZA and the junior coalition party ANEL (Independent Greeks).

The spokesman denied that there were problems within the governing coalition, saying that “the effort of the two co-governing parties is focused on the main goal, which is the country’s exit from the memoranda and surveillance.”

Tzanakopoulos also noted that “it is reasonable for the two parties (SYRIZA and ANEL) to have different opinions on a series of issues. They are two parties with completely different ideologies and history, so different views will inevitably exist in the context of the political debate. However, we all understand that the major issue is government cooperation for an exit from the memoranda and institutional cleansing”.

The spokesman also referred to Turkey’s difficult and tense relations with Greece and Europe. He expressed the opinion that tension will de-escalate if all sides express political will for a discussion at a diplomatic level. He rejected ‘war’ scenarios, expressing the opinion that “while there are many conflicts throughout the world, I do not believe we will enter into a generalised conflict.” At the same time, he underlined the need to resolve the major issue, namely the conflict in Syria.