Exiting the crisis and a state of default is ‘a long course’, Dragasakis says

“Exiting the crisis and a state of default is a long course, which is vulnerable to external, unexpected events,” the new Economy and Development Minister and government Vice President Yiannis Dragasakis said on Thursday, during the handover ceremony at the ministry.

Referring to the outgoing minister, he noted that Dimitris Papadimitriou had brought a “new ethics” to politics through his attitude and his actions. “He served the new ethos with reason, arguments, figures, positions and opinions,” he said, noting that Greece needed politics conducted by presenting arguments and opinions.

On his part, Papadimitriou said: “I am leaving at a critical time for the economic situation in Greece, under unexpected circumstances, without having completed my work.”

After 16 months at the ministry’s helm, Papadimitriou noted, direct foreign investments have more than doubled to 4 billion euros. He also appeared optimistic about the course of the Greek economy and stressed that attracting investment requires arguments, adding that this was the main wager for Greece.