Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables up this year

Exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in the period 2015-2016, which ended in September, recorded a significant increase in both value and volume, Incofruit Hellas said on Wednesday.

The Federation, in a report, said that exports of fresh fruit and vegetables at the end of 2016 will record an increase of 16-18 pct, compared with 2015, surpassing 1.5-1.6 million tons.

George Polychronakis, special advisor to the Federation, said, however, that since August 2014 all trade weighed sale price per kilo are down. Despite a Russian embargo -which interrupted a rising trend of previous periods, a readjustment of export targets and an expansion of traditional markets, combined with the opening of new markets and a low domestic consumption led to a 10-year record in the exports of fresh fruit and vegetables in the 2015-2016 period.

Exports of oranges grew 54.8 pct in volume and 41.7 pct in value to 164.8 million euros, tangerines grew 41.2 pct in volume and 45.1 pct in value to 51.4 million euros, lemons grew 259.8 pct in volume and 270.5 pct in value to 14.6 million euros, apples grew 35.5 pct in volume and 17.9 pct in value to 40.2 million euros, kiwis grew 3.9 pct in volume and 18 pct in value to 76.6 million euros.

Exports of peaches grew 17.8 pct in volume, apricots grew 59.3 pct, strawberries were up 9.6 pct, water melons rose 5.1 pct, while cherries fell 41.2 pct in volume, along with table grapes (-33.8 pct).

Incofruit Hellas said that according to official statistical data, exports of fresh fruit and vegetables grew 29.2 pct in volume this year, compared with 2015, to 1,286,134 tons, while value rose 13.4 pct to 789.484 million euros.

The Federation said that imports of fresh fruit and vegetables totaled 412,580 tons, worth 398,813,103 euros (down 5.76 pct and up 1.6 pct, respectively).