Exports of Greek bottled water to China up significantly

Exports of Greek mineral water to China are rising significantly and have even greater prospects, with exports rising 127.15 pct in 2014 to 512,374 euros, the Economic and Trade Affairs bureau of the Greek consulate in Shanghai said in a report.

The report noted that China’s bottled water market has doubled in the last 10 years, surpassing the US in total consumption, although per capita consumption remains below the global consumption average rate, at around 30 litres or 1/5 of per capita consumption in the US.

Imports of Greek mineral water to China is made by independent importers-distributors such as «Tianjin OSENJATO Consulting Co., Ltd», which imports the “Kostilata” natural mineral water from Epirus. “Hitos ABEE” is also exporting its “Zagori” bottled water to China, along with “Theoni” the Greek natural mineral water which was awarded as the “best bottled water in the world” in the US (April 2016). Dimitris Tselios, CEO of “Theoni” water said the company planned to quadruple its production to boost exports as it was expected to sign an agreement with a Chinese group to distribute “Theoni” water to thousands of sales points in China.

The report noted that Greek exports of bottled water to China should focus on problems related with the long time of transport travel and distribution of natural water and reports of bad packaging during transportation.

The consulate said that China had only 6.5 pct of renewable water resources of the planet to cover the needs of the one-fifth of the global population. China is suffering from water shortage and water supplies covered the needs of half of the population.

The Chinese market of bottled water grew 14 pct in 2012 to 54 billion liters, while turnover soared 230 pct from 2008 to 2012 to 16 billion US dollars.

The consulate said that a good way to promote Greek bottled water to China was through participation in international fairs for food and beverage, or participation in business delegations in the country.