Exports of Greek fruit and vegetables up, Incofruit-Hellas says

Exports of fruit and vegetables is slightly up after the Easter holidays with collection-export of spring fruit expected after the first 10 days of May, with prices stable, Incofruit-Hellas said in an announcement on Monday.

Incofruit-Hellas said exports of oranges was 265,547 tons by April 13 (268,464 in 2017), exports of tangerines was 92,602 tons from 81,043 last year, exports of lemons jumped to 9,395 tons from 3,063 tons in 2017, exports of grapefruit was 430 tons from 508 tons last year, exports of apples fell to 43,074 tons (71,120 tons last year), exports of cuccumber rose to 34,868 tons from 27,157 in 2017 and exports of kiwis jumped to 146,365 tons frm 103,569 tons in 2017 (Incocfruit-Hellas expects exports to surpass 150,000 tons).

Exports of strawberries rose to 15,385 tons by April 11, from 13,860 tons in April 21, 2017, with exports expected to reach a record this year.