Exports of Greek fruits and vegetables up in H1

Exports of Greek fruit and vegetables grew further in the first half of 2018, compared with the same period last year, with exports to EU markets rising 26.7 pct to 438.9 million euros, exports to other European countries rising 5.4 pct to 127.5 million and exports to countries outside the EU falling 5.5 pct to 29.9 million euros, Incofruit-Hellas said on Monday.

The increase of exports to EU countries reflected mostly an 87.8 pct jump in exports of kiwis totaling 65.25 million euros in the January-June period. Exports to Germany, Romania and Bulgaria (the top three export destinations) grew by 32.5 pct, 20.6 pct and 13.9 pct, respectively, totaling 89.3 million euros, 60.5 million euros and 42.8 million euros. Exports to the UK rose 27 pct to 19.8 million euros.

Exports to other European countries totaled 127.6 million euros, accounting for 22.5 pct of total exports.

Tangerines (up 54.8 pct), oranges (15 pct) and strawberries (5.3 pct) led exports of fruit, while among vegetables, cucumbers (29.7 pct) and tomato (6.1 pct) were at the top.

Incofruit said early data showed that exports of summer fruit were expected to rise by 5.0 pct.

Exports to third countries fell 5.53 pct in the first half, reflecting a 56.4 pct drop in exports of apples (volume) and 44.6 pct in value to Egypt.