Exports of mariculture sector up 17 pct in 2016

Exports of Greek mariculture products 17 pct in 2016 compared with the previous year, confirming once again the leading role played by the sector in Greek exports and its contribution to national economy, the Federation of Greek Maricultures said in a report released on Thursday.

The report said the exports of sea bass and sea bream ranged from 7.0 pct to 32 pct, surpassing 83,000 tons, worth more than 433 million euros. Around 93 pct of exports is distributed to EU markets and the remaining 7.0 pct to other countries, while Turkey -with increased production and aggressive marketing policy- remains Greece’s main competitor in the market, the Federation said.

The Federation was established in 1991. FGM is focusing in the establishment and the promotion of the succesful development of the Greek Mariculture Industry. The companies – members of FGM – represent the 80% of the total production capacity of sea bass and sea bream.

The sector contributes more than 12,000 direct and indirect job positions around the country.

“Mariculture has established as a many promising sector of the primary production in the country and has shown several achievements in its 30-year history,” I. Pelekanakis, managing director of the Federation said, adding that “after a very difficult five-year period, the sector remains competitive while increasing demand send a message of further growth. But to win this challenge of growth, the government must stand beside us and to promote two strategic priorities of the sector: first, to speed-up creation of mariculture development regions and second, to immediately activate a fishing operating program.”