F. Karavias (Eurobank) – Greece is an attractive investment destination

Eurobank CEO Fokion Karavias expressed his belief that Greece will return to high growth rates, with a significant contribution from foreign investors, in an interview with TIME magazine in the August issue.

As the experienced banker pointed out, today the country has “the most business-friendly environment since the 1980s, as the current government has already cut taxes and adopted an aggressive reform agenda.”

Investment opportunities

Moreover, according to him, “investment opportunities are not limited to the tourism sector. “Microsoft, for example, is setting up a data center hub here, and there are plans to build Europe’s largest lithium battery plant in northern Greece.”

Moreover, Mr. Karavias underlined that Greece has human resources with high education and professionalism, many of which have experience in other parts of Europe. “Perhaps just as important is the fact that the quality of life here is extremely high,” he added.

Referring to the macroeconomic course of the country, he stressed that the climate at the moment is very positive due to some encouraging growth indicators in the domestic economy and the overall response to the pandemic crisis.

The economy is expected to grow by 5% year-on-year, while 2022 will be another strong year of growth, according to Mr. Karavias.

In relation to Eurobank, he stressed that “it already has an international perspective and has developed international alliances and collaborations from the beginning. We are pioneers in promoting business extroversion and we are the only Greek bank that is a member of Santander’s Trade Club “.