Fairfax Group offers vote of confidence to Greece

Fairfax Group made substantial purchases of Eurobank’s shares recently offering more proof of the group’s confidence in the Greek economy’s outlook, as stated by Prem Watsa, the group’s chairman during his visit in Athens.

Eurobank, in an announcement, said that during Mr Watsa’s visit in Athens, Fairfax Group subsidiaries purchased 13 million shares of the bank, spending around 11.35 milion euros. Fairfax Group has invested around 900 million euros in Eurobank.

Prem Watsa, during his visit in Greece, widely referred to elements of the Greek market that make it an attractive investment destination, creating strong prospects for the country’s further development. He stressed that the Greek economy has suffered several hardships in the last few years and noted that the country has overcome most challenges and expressed his optimism for the future.

Watsa praised the country’s human resources and said that a new generation of businemmen, bold and creative, in a business-friendly environment, could help the country to return in strong and sustainable growth.