Fake cerificates network in Palamas, Karditsa: 40,000 vaccinations in a town of 6,000 inhabitants

The prosecutor’s office is examining a network who provides fake certificates of vaccinations for a fee, at the Palamas Health Center in Karditsa.

The president of the Medical Association of the area initially reported to the police what exactly was happening at the Health Center. The case was uncovered when unavailable vaccines were found at the Health Center, the codes of which showed that they had been given to specific citizens.

The employee who was responsible for the vaccines, according to the first data of the investigation, seems to have at least one accomplice nurse.

The judicial authorities have identified the user ID from the specific codes, which lead to this specific nurse, who will be called to testify.

Accordind to SKAI television in Palamas Health Cdente 40,000 citizens have been vaccinated, while the number of inhabitants of this community is about 6,000 people.

The additional “vaccinated” people seems to be from various areas of Northern Greece and mainly from Thessaloniki.