Farmers’ conclude protest rally and march in Athens

Greek farmers concluded a protest rally and march through central Athens on Tuesday, arriving in Syntagma Square. A delegation representing farmers throughout the country will present a resolution outlining their demands to Parliament.

These include, among others, a tax-free income allowance of 12,000 euros a year with an additional 3,000 euros per child, abolition of recent increases in social insurance contributions, a lower minimum age of retirement, tax-free fule and an ‘unseizable’ ceiling of 15,000 euros in deposits.

Earlier, police had closed roads in central Athens around Syntagma for the rally, which had started in Vathis Square outside the rural development ministry, with the participation of farmers from some 40 protest road blocks around the country.

Among those not taking part are the farmers from Central Macedonia, who are scheduled to meet government vice-president Yiannis Dragasakis and the other ministers involved on Wednesday afternoon.