Farmers in Western Macedonia announce they will end road blockades on Monday

Farmers and livestock breeders from Western Macedonia announced on Friday they will end their road blockade on Monday, after holding a protest rally in the city of Amynteo.

The farmers ended their two-hour blockade of the Florina-Edessa highway at the junction of Maniaki, but kept their tractors on the side of the road.

“Next Monday we will leave the blockade in an organized manner and after we hold a protest rally in the central square of Amynteo, we will return to our fields,” the member of the blockade’s coordinating committee Stelios Demertzidis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Farmers, who have been protesting for weeks against the rise in taxes and social security contributions, started scaling back their labour action on Friday. Earlier in the day, protesters at the Evzones customs office, the junctions of Herso and Derveni ended their road blockades.