Farmers throughout Greece gradually withdraw their tractors from roadblocks

After almost a month-and-a-half of daily protests, farmers throughout Greece have decided to put on hold their struggle by withdrawing their tractors from highways and awaiting for the governement to realize its promises, while remaining ready.

“Our struggle will continue with other means depending on the situation” said the Panhellenic Roadblock Committee, who had organized a meeting in Kileler on Sunday. “After 43 days of struggle, it is time to reinforce our colleagues, who, while we were fighting for the survival of the primary sector, they were staying unmovable on their couch,” said the farmers’ blockade from Moudania, while stating that “they are withdrawing with their head held high.”

For the biggest part of the country’s road system, the situation has been normalized. Farmers from the blockades of Microthives, Moudania and Peloponnisos are postponing their actions.

However, the farmers blockade in the Exochi customs and the hellenic-Bulgarian border remains, despite the withdrawal of their colleagues.

“We are planning more, alternative means of action throughout Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and the only thing that is sure is that even if we leave from the roadblocks, our mobilization won’t stop, since we are still very disappointed with what is happening.”

Periodical and symbolic blocking of the Promachon customs in the Hellenic-Bulgarian are still continuing, without adding problems to traffic.