Farmers to block Greece-FYROM border crossing on Wednesday

Central Macedonia farmers on Tuesday said they had decided to continue their roadblock at the border crossing between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), on the Thessaloniki-Evzoni national road, until 18:00 on Wednesday. At that time they will hold a meeting to decide their next moves.

A farmer said that their general meeting had “hardened its stance” and decided to extend the roadblock after police officers imposed a 4,000-euro fine on one of their number, who was bringing them tents.

They started their roadblock, set up a short distance from the Idomeni junction, at 16:30 on Tuesday after bypassing a police cordon that tried to prevent them reaching the border. Long lines of trucks have already formed in the area as a result of the blockade, though farmers noted that trucks carrying perishable goods had been allowed to go through.