Farmers wait result of meeting with Dragasakis to decide on roadblocks

Farmers and livestock breeders in western Macedonia will wait for the outcome of a meeting between their representatives and government Vice-President Yannis Dragasakis before deciding on further action, a representative said on Tuesday.

“We’ll wait for the results of the meeting our colleagues will have with the government VP and officials from the ministries of agriculture, labour, energy and finance, and we will then decide in a general meeting any further action,” the member of the Western Macedonia’s coordinating committee of roadblocks, Dimitris Moschos, told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

The president of Katerini’s agricultural association, Giorgos Harisopoulos, said farmers will remain at the roadblocks and will continue blocking tax offices and banks. “What we will do, will be decided at the general meeting tomorrow.”