February 20 Eurogroup set the framework for review conclusion, French PM Cazeneuve says

The Greek government and the Greek people have made a lot efforts and sacrifices that were necessary in order for the country to restore its competitiveness and balance its public finances, French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Friday said in an interview with Ethnos newspaper.

Cazeneuve also spoke about the future of the EU and the eurozone as well as the political developments in France.

He also expressed his full support to the efforts of the Greek government and the people and underlined that the February 20 Eurogroup set the framework for the conclusion of the second programme review.

“Greece should continue to benefit from the third aid program, particularly in view of the significant debt repayment deadlines this summer,” he stated.

Moreover, he stressed the need to strengthen Europe adding that “we should prove its efficiency and safeguard its unity.”