Federation of Hellenic Enterprises: We do not want a business-state

The Greek state should withdraw from any kind of business activity and create conditions allowing the attraction of private investments, Theodoros Fessas, president of the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises (SEV) said on Friday.

Addressing the 1st Greek Law Digest Conference on “Legal & Business Challenges in today’s Greece», Fessas said: “In
Greece, we do not need a businessman-state. It has been proven that the state cannot be a good businessman. A serious state should be restricted to its supervisory and controlling role, setting the terms of operation for businesses and to provide public goods, such as security, health, education, in a way that protects public interest in terms of cost and quality”.

Fessas presented six proposals for a “relaunch” of the state, including:

– Offering citizens the option to choose between a public and private agency (kindergartens, hospital care)

– Funding the purchase of specific goods/services by eligible citizens, instead of producing them on a monopoly base by the state

– The state should focus its action on the strict quality and transparency control and adhering to budget goals

– Public sector enterprises, hospitals, schools, setting annual goals for improving their performance and maintaining high-level satisfaction rates, competing with private companies

– Privatisations should be accompanied by an efficient operation of regulatory authorities, to avoid creation of monopoly conditions in the market and to protect society from unfair business practices. All planned privatizations should be implemented immediately

– Outsourcing: Greece lags behind in this very successful practice.