Female business insights behind the successful leadership of HCAP

This year, Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations SA (HCAP) ranked 10th in the list, published by ICAP last Sunday, based on EBITDA profitability for 2019 and 5th based on its profitability increase.

This is are markable a chievemen tfor the sovereign holdingcompanywhich manages an umber of major State-Owned Enterprises, most of them facing losses in the past. In 2019, two years since HCAP starteditsoperation, a consolidated net profit of € 191.7 mln was recorded, against losses amounting to € 132.5 mln in 2018.

What is interesting is that HCAP is one out of the two groups amongst the ones that have stood out in 2019 (among 200 profitable corporations presented in the ICAP list) with female leadership.

Rania Ekaterinari, CEO of HCAP, is not a stranger to the European and international business environment, not only by being a successful manager but also by having established a strong footprint in promoting diversity and equalopportunities in the workplace. Over the last decade of her career, and serving in different senior positions, i.e. being a partner at EY or CEO at HCAP, she is actively supporting the promotion of a corporate culture fostering high values and elimination of biases at the workplace, promotingtalented people with strong values and high sense of duty.

RaniaEkaterinari is also member of the European Network for Women in Leadership. In 2010 she was also the first Greek woman to become part of the “Rising Talents Network” program held by the “Women’s Forum for the Economy and the Society”, which takes place every year in France with the participation of representatives from all around the world. That year, (2010),18 young women coming from different countries and professional backgrounds, allunder the age of 40,were distinguished for their dynamic presence. She has also participated in the international “Centered Leadership Program”organized for women professionals in London by McKinsey.

As a member of the European Network of Women in Leadership, she has delivered a speech in the European Parliament (Brussels 2018) on how the crisis affects women in the workplace, and also other speeches in Athens, France, Spain and Italy on similar topics and initiativesregarding diversity. Moreover, in 2017,she made a presentation regarding female leader ship at the European Investment Bank’s Headquarters in Luxemburg. She has also been participating for two years in research interviews for the Harvard Business School Research on Women Leadership and Gender Parity.

Today, Rania Ekaterinari is a member of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council (HCGC), member of the Advisory Board of diaNEOsis, member of the Council on Competitiveness of Greece (COMPETEGR) and member of the Leadership Committee at the American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. In the past, she was also member of the Supervisory Board of Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE), Deputy Chairman of the Energy Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece and member of the Energy Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce.