Fifteen suspects arrested, drugs seized in ongoing police operation in northern Greece

Police arrested 15 people and seized drugs and guns in northern Greece as part of an ongoing operation to dismantle a large criminal gang that imported drugs from Bulgaria and sold them to various regions of the country.

Authorities said fourteen of those arrested in Serres, Thessaloniki, Katerini and Trikala are Greek nationals while one is Bulgarian, adding that they also seized 3.5 kilos of heroin, half a kilo of methadone, small quantities of cocaine and cannabis, sleeping pills, a Kalashnikov and a handgun.

Another 24 individuals (22 Greeks and two Bulgarians) have been accused of being members of the gang, while another 39 suspects are accused of misdemeanors in the case file.

The criminal gang is said to have sold the drugs in northern Greece, Thessaly and Crete. Police will hold a press conference when the operation is completed.