Final phase for concluding 3rd review in January, gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos says

Greece is entering the final phase for concluding of the third review of the programme in January, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Tuesday during a press briefing.

“The timely conclusion of the staff-level agreement without additional measures is undoubtedly a success for the Greek government,” he said and added: “The fact that for the first time in seven years there is no need for additional fiscal measures means that the fiscal adjustment provided for in the 2015 agreement has been completed, so Greece is safely heading toward an exit from the program in August 2018.”

Moreover, he said that the Greek economy had experienced growth for three consecutive quarters in 2017, something that had not happened since 2006, while Greece has succesfully tapped the markets twice since July 2017. “All these are signals that we have now finally turned a page and we have left the recession phase behind us,” he stressed.