FinMIn Tsakalotos: No alibi for further delay in debt settlement

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos expressed his optimism that the way for a good and final solution for the debt and the country inclusion in ECB’s quantitative easing programme can open on Monday’s Eurogroup, in an exclusive statement to Athens Macedonian News Agency on Sunday.

Two days after the voting of the omnibus bill, Tsakalotos noted that the country, fully and on time, met its obligations and now the decisions are in the institutions’ hands and there is no alibi for another delay in the debt settlement.

Referring to the government’s philosophy in the negotiations as well as on the claim for a comprehensive agreement for the debt, the minister said that it focused on the country’s exit from the supervision, the establishment of a strong social state, the country’ entry into a course of growth in which, this time, the people of labour will participate.

Greece turned page with the conclusion of the second review, he concluded.