Finance ministry: Primary surplus and revenue targets again surpassed in January

The Greek state budget primary surplus was 1.012 billion euros in January 2017, exceeding a target of 670 million euros and ending marginally higher than the January 2016 surplus of 1.003 billion euros, according to provisional budget execution figures released by the finance ministry on Tuesday.

Regular budget revenues also exceeded the monthly target by 325 million euros. Net state budget revenues reached 4.158 billion euros in January, exceeding the January target by 166 million euros, or 4.2 pct. The finance ministry said a detailed breakdown of the various categories of revenues will be given when the finalised figures are released. Net regular budget revenues were 4.041 billion euros, surpassing targets by 325 million euros or 8.7 pct.
Revenue returns totaled 314 million euros in January 2017, up 18 million from targets. Public Investment Programme revenue amounted to 117 million euros, down 159 million euros from targets.

State budget spending totaled 3.326 billion euros in January 2017, down 137 million from targets, while regular budget spending amounted to 3.299 billion euros, down 19 million from targets. Regular budget spending was up 107 million from the same period in 2016, while an additional 175 million euros was spent on payments to the EU.
Public Investment Programme spending was 27 million euros, down 118 million from targets.