Finance ministry welcomes Moody’s upgrade, says it shows positive prospects for 2018

The finance ministry welcomed on Thursday Moody’s upgrade of Greece’s credit rating by two notches to B3 late on Wednesday, saying it shows that, along with other upgrades, there are positive expectations for the economy in 2018.

The ministry said this optimism is valid because it is based on the progress made which will lead to the country’s final exit from the crisis:

-The technical discussions on debt relief in underway and the results will be presented at the EuroWorking Group on March 1.

-The fourth program review is starting on February 26 when the heads of the four institutions’ missions to Athens return to the Greek capital with a specific timetable for its completion.

-The new comprehensive plan for a sustainable and fair growth is being formed and will be presented in April 2018.

-The liquidity cushion is increasing to ensure a secure access to the markets and support the economy.

“The government continues to work steadily and intensively, committed to the country’s final exit from the program in August 2018,” the ministry said.