Fines for unvaccinated people over 60 begin to be imposed from Monday

Greece will on Monday begin to impose administrative fines of 100 euros per month for unvaccinated persons over 60 years old. For the month of January only, the fine will be 50 euros.

All persons who are permanently resident in Greece and were born before December 31, 1961 must have had at least the first dose of vaccination against Covid-19 on January 16, 2022 in order to avoid the fine. The vaccination must then be completed within the foreseen timeframe.

The birth date of the individuals subject to mandatory vaccination can be modified by the health minister for those that turn 60 after December 31, 2021.

The fine will stop on the first day of the month after an individual gets the first dose of the vaccine. If the vaccination is not completed on time, the sanctions will be imposed from the time when the second dose should have been received.

The fine will be issued and immediately collected by the Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE) and the sums collected will be used exclusively for the support of the national health system response to Covid-19.

Those exempted from mandatory vaccination include those that have recovered from Covid-19 (for a period of 180 days), those that have applied to be vaccinated at home and have not yet been given an appointment, those for whom vaccination is contraindicated for health reasons and those that have been vaccinated abroad. The last group must register their appointment via the government Covid-19 website, at

Exemption from vaccination for health reasons is established by a three-member committee in each healthcare region, while the deadline to apply to be exempted for medical reasons was January 14. The reply to the application must be given within seven days and is sent to the applicant and the attending doctor electronically. No fines will be imposed until a decision is issued.

Citizens whose application for exemption is denied will then have until January 28 in order to receive the first dose of the vaccine in order to avoid a fine.