FinMin Euclid Tsakalotos: We want a plan that Greek society finds credible

“We are dealing with an injured economy and society. Not only in the sense that Greece lost 25 pct of its GDP, or that wages and pensions have fallen, but also a society that has lost many weapons that allow society to make demands,” Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Wednesday during a SYRIZA party event.

Talking about the development plan that the government will present after exiting the memorandum, he said this must primarily convince Greek society. “We want a plan that, of course, the markets and EU member-states find credible, so we can be funded and have a degree of freedom, but primarily we want a plan that Greek society finds credible,” he noted. Referring to the middle classes and the self-employed, he acknowledged that “it is a part of society with many problems.”