FinMIn: Higher growth rate means greater returns for society

“The higher the growth rate, the greater will be our return to society,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Tuesday. In comments made to SKAI television station, Staikouras said that there will be greater fiscal flexibility for the middle class and lower incomes, adding that the country was covering the ground lost in 2020 more quickly and that, based on indicators for the third quarter, economic growth will be stronger than the latest forecast of 5.9 pct.

The FinMin said that tax revenue was positive in September and in particular VAT proceeds. Staikouras said that if economic growth is higher and budget execution better, “we will discuss new policy priorities”. Commenting on developments with the Chinese group Evergrande, he noted that Greece has built a “strong wall of immunity” around its state coffers but noted that “no political leadership of the finance ministry should be unconcerned”.