FinMin Staikouras leaves open possibility of further favourable interventions

Finance Minister Christos Staikouras in an interview with ‘Macedonia’ newspaper left open the possibility of additional favourable interventions for the citizens if the growth rate exceeds 5.9 percent this year, while underlining the government’s readiness for new interventions to deal with the imported inflation if it continues in 2022.

More specifically, when asked if citizens should expect further tax relief in case the growth rate for 2021 exceeds the revised 5.9 percent (compared to the initial forecast of 3.6 percent), Staikouras replied: “It is obvious that the higher the economic growth rate is, the better fiscal margins are created so that we can make additional interventions (…) I hope that the economic growth rate is even higher (from 5.9 percent), so that we have the fiscal margin to help Greek society even more.”

The minister also stressed that the government’s will and intention for 2022 is to reduce the Uniform Real Estate Ownership Tax (ENFIA) for a majority of the population.