FinMin Staikouras rules out salaries or pensions’ cuts

“There is no thought, no plan, for reduction of salaries or pensions,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said in an interview with SKAI TV. He also said that there were tax interventions in the government’s plans, such as the reduction of VAT on restaurants and referred to the official announcements.

The minister said that as of June there would be a mechanism for short-term employment support (through the Commission’s SURE program), adding that the government would also study the possibility of a bonus for payments.

According to Staikouras, the deadline for repayment of debts by retroactive pensions will be extended by two months, until the end of July, and the relevant regulation will be submitted within the week, so that the problem has been definitively addressed by then.

Finally, the minister said that the government is making reasonable use of the country’s cash reserves, so that measures are constantly being taken in favour of society, especially the middle class and the lower incomes. “The measures taken by the government are expected to avoid large-scale layoffs and bankruptcies,” he said.