FinMin Tsakalotos: With goodwill from all sides we can achieve a deal at Eurogroup

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said he believed a solution is possible at the next Eurogroup meeting in June if all sides of the negotiations on Greece’s program and debt relief show some goodwill.

“I believe that with some goodwill from all sides, we can reach an agreement at the Eurogroup in June, which will provide clarity on the issue of Greek debt, so that we can ensure that the Greek economy will continue to build on its path towards a full recovery,” he was quoted as saying in an interview published in the English edition of German newspaper “Handelsblatt”.

Asked what such a solution would entail, Tsakalotos said it would have to provide clarity on the debt and show investors what they can expect, in order to set Greece in a path of sustainable debt in the coming years. “If there’s goodwill, then the pursuit of such a solution is not something that exceeds the limits of human intelligence,” he added.

Asked if the Greek government will withdraw the measures legislated for 2019-2020 if the IMF and European institutions do not agree on a program that will include debt relief, the minister admitted it would be “somewhat weird to have a comprehensive package of reforms with which the IMF has agreed and at the same time the latter refuses to participate in the program itself”.

Tsakalotos said the program contained a series of “painful and politically difficult” measures.