FinMin welcomes release of 4th tranche of debt measures worth 767 million euros

“ The government and its economic team, exploiting the confidence shown by the partners, institutions, markets, investors and credit rating agencies and most of all the Greek society, continue the planning and implementation of policies towards overcoming today’s difficulties with the minimum social and economic consequences, to reorganize our economy and to lay the foundations for a high, sustainable, smart and socially fair growth,” Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Monday after a decision by a Eurogroup meeting to release the fourth tranche of policy-contingent debt measures, worth 767 million euros.

The FinMin noted that this is the third package released by the EU during the New Democracy term, raising the country’s cash reserves by 2.05 billion euros.

Staikouras said that the decision for the release of the measures was the result of a positive assessment by European institutions on Greece, the fifth in around one year and the third successful report during the unprecedented pandemic crisis.