FinMinTsakalotos: We succeeded the non-sustainability of the Greek state debt to be recognised by all

“We succeeded the non-sustainability of the Greek state debt to be recognised by all the Europeans and all the institutions” stated Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos in his article in the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper.

Tsakalotos also noted that the government reached an agreement in relation with the methodology of the evaluation of the Greek debt sustainability and the creation of a framework for its relief adding that a series of debt relief measures have been agreed that will have direct measurable results as well as direct and indirect positive effects to the economy”.

He also clarified that “this agreement by itself does not constitute a comprehensive solution to the debt issue or the best possible solution that we could have had if the conditions and the correlations were different. However, the solution reached will not affect directly the Greek people’s everyday life because the changes will not be visible but we can and we must change this over time. We have a clear commitment on measures for the debt relief and their intensity will depend on the country’s real needs which will also change the conditions in the real economy”.

Concluding, Tsakalotos underlined that “now opens a ‘clear corridor’ and it is in our hands to build a solid basis in order to continue according to a road map that will get us out of the crisis and will take us from a vicious to a virtuous circle. A circle that will change the people’s everyday life provided that the growth the Left seeks is not whatever growth but a growth with benefits that will be allocated in a fair way”.