Fire in Kaza is abating; strong firefighting forces remain in region

The Fire Brigade said that a wildfire that broke out at forested land in Kaza is abating, as of Monday evening.

The wildfire broke out midday on Monday and led to two evacuations in western Attica, requiring additional firefighters as of the afternoon. Kaza is in the same region (Vilia) which faced a large wildfire put out three days ago after burning for several days.

The town of Vilia itself and Profitis Ilias village have been evacuated by cellphone message through the emergency number 112, while the latest reports note that the fire is approaching Profitis Ilias.

A total of 167 firefighters with 60 fire trucks are on site. They include 2 ground teams, 61 Romanian firefighters with 18 fire trucks (through the RescEU natural disaster program), and Fire Brigade drones. The help by air includes 13 helicopters and 8 airplanes that include the large-capacity water-carrying Beriev-200 from Russia.

Additional assistance is provided by the Hellenic Police, Hellenic Red Cross, volunteer firefighters, heavy machines and local government water trucks.

Fire fighting efforts also have to contend with strong winds registering as much as 8 on the Beaufort scale.