Fire men have ‘the respect and gratitude of us all,’ President Pavlopoulos says

Attending a memorial for a volunteer fire man fallen in the line of duty, President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Sunday stressed that the men and women of the fire brigade have the respect and gratitude of all Greeks.

“In memory of Volunteer Fire man Second Lieutenant Vasilis Philippou I express, on behalf of the State, to the Fire Brigade our respect and gratitude, in the conviction that I speak for everyone,” the president said.

This was true both for those that fell in the line of duty and for every member of the Fire Brigade that fights a daily, literally heroic battle and does honour to his or her mission in an exemplary way,
he said.

“Simply the battle waged the Fire Brigade’s forces during this summer and a comparison of their performance with that of their colleagues in other countries, especially of the European South, is enough to show that they must have the respect and gratitude of us all,” Pavlopoulos added.

The event, which included a memorial service by Mesogaia and Lavreotiki Metropolitan Nikolaos, was held to honour volunteer fire-fighter Second Lieutenant Vasilis Philippou, who lost his life on August 25 2007 while fighting a fire on the Paneio Mountain, between Kalyvia and Keratea. There was also a tribute to the fire brigade’s contribution to putting out fires.