Fire on outskirts of Rhodes partially under control, fire brigade reports

A wildfire that broke out on the slopes of Aghios Stefanos hill (Monte Smith), just outside the city of Rhodes, was partially under control the fire brigade reported on Friday afternoon. The fire, which posed a risk to homes and inhabited areas in the city, had generated concern and a major mobilisation.
Fire-fighting forces, assisted by volunteers, managed to contain the blaze and prevent it spreading to homes and other buildings in the area.

A strong fire brigade force remains on hand in case the flames rekindle, while the causes of the fire are being investigated.

A large fire-fighting force of 20 fire engines and more than 50 firemen was sent to put out the blaze, assisted by a fire-fighting helicopter dropping water from above. Many civilians also turned out to assist fire-fighting efforts.

The blaze coincided with a power outtage in the centre of the city, which occurred almost simultaneously as the fire.