First round of demolitions of illegal buildings in Attica

A first round of demolitions of illegally erected buildings on the Athens-Sounio coast, Agrileza and the Marathonas-Dionysos area began on Wednesday, Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis revealed in a press release issued on Thursday.

“The government’s intention to push ahead with accelerating the demolition of 3,200 illegal buildings in Attica was implemented through legislative interventions a few weeks ago. Yesterday, the first round of demolitions began, which includes 22 deliverable buildings on the Athens-Sounio coastal front, in the Agrileza area, and the Marathonas-Dionysos area,” the minister’s statement said.

The pace of demolitions will accelerate in the following weeks through successive announcements of new tenders, the statement added.

The demolitions are starting with buildings that are located in the coastal zone, in land scheduled for reforestation, in national parks and water courses in Attica. The first building that is to be knocked down is located in land designated as forest on the Athens-Sounio coastline.

The demolition is going ahead on the basis of a recently passed amendment that allows existing contracts to be extended to retain demolition services for illegal buildings on the coastal zone and in forests, for which irrevocable demolition orders have been issued.

Next in line are buildings in reforestation land and national parks in Agrileza, with demolitions in Marathonas and Dionysos starting on Monday.