First results from Greek patients that received colchicine very encouraging

The first results from 60 Greek patients with coronavirus that took colchicine were very encouraging in terms of complications of the virus to the heart and the lungs, said Professor of Cardiology Christos Stefanadis to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Monday.

“The signs from the data we have processed so far are very encouraging ” he said adding that the inflammation markers CPR were dropping significantly as well as the cardiac troponin which indicates damage to the myocardium. All the above indications advocate that it is a very important medicine for patients with coronavirus and are facing the risk of catastrophic complications, as the collapse of the myocardium and of the lungs”.

The double-blind observation study was launched two weeks ago in Greece in which participated 120 patients, 60 of them received colchicine along with their medication and the other 60 did not. “The first indications showed reduction of the inflammation” said Stefanadis.

He clarified that the study was for patients with coronavirus with suspected or with heart problems but “what we observed was that it reduces the inflammation and probably it may be also used as preventive treatment. The fact for the current moment is that hospitalised patients that are taking colchicine showed a substantial inflammation reduction in comparison with those that did not take colchicine, independent of having or not problems with their heart” he said.