First snow falls on Mount Pelion in central Greece, in time for Christmas

The first snow started falling on Mount Pelion in central Greece on Monday afternoon, slowly covering the village of Chania located on the peak and the adjacent ski center of “Agriolefkes”, just seven days before Christmas.

The snow depth is currently five centimeters at Chania and over 10cm at the ski slopes, but they are not open yet for skiers. The roads around the mountain are open and the regional authority of Thessaly said they sent two snow plough vehicles to remain on standby.

Temperature fell abruptly in the region in the past few days and is currently at 2C.

Pelion, a mountain range at the southeastern part of Thessaly, is considered one of the most beautiful regions in the country, with lush oak, chestnut and beech forests, that attracts tourists throughout the year.