Five start-up enterprises with social impact in Chivas Venture Greek final

Five start-up enterprises with a social impact will participate in a Greek final to find a winner who will represent Greece in the Chivas Venture global contest for social enterprise, vying for a share of 1.0 million US dollars in investment funds.

The five finalists that excelled for their social impact, growth prospects and business strategy, are:

– Agile Agriculture Technologies, offering farmers the opportunity to use the optimal quantity of fertilisers and pesticides with the aim to raise revenue by 15 pct annually.

– Elektronio, maker of hand-made and personalised electrically-powered bicycles, as a ground-breaking method of sustainable transport in the city.

– Muse, producing hand-made scandals offering work to more than 20 women in rural areas and supporting more than 1,000 disadvantaged children throughout the country.

– Nable Solutions, providing software for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices designed for people with special needs and reduced mobility.

– Tobea, which has developed SEATRAC, a non-fixed, removable device allowing people with special needs to have autonomous access to the sea.

The winning entry will represent Greece at the Chivas Venture final in Amsterdam in May.