Five suspected far-right group members charged with six felonies

Authorities charged five members of a far-right group on Tuesday with participation in a criminal organization, possession of explosives, explosions, arsonist attacks, aggravated damages and violation of laws on possession of weapons, following a large anti-terrorism operation around Greece.

The suspects, which include a lawyer, are all up to 30 years of age and will be led before the prosecutor on Wednesday. Police said the suspects identify themselves as members of the neo-Nazi, extreme right groups Combat 18 Hellas, or the Unaligned Meander Nationalists (UMA) and are being investigated for about 30 attacks against locations frequented by anti-establishment groups, migrants and others.

Combat 18 Hellas and UMA have also claimed responsibility on far-right websites for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and monuments around Greece and the statue of the late Pavlos Fyssas who was killed by a member of Golden Dawn.

The case follows the arrest of four members of the far-right group “Apella” for an arsonist attack on the “Free Social Center Favela” in Piraeus on August 2017.

Police has so far raided eight houses around the country, six of which are in Attica, one in Ioannina and another in northern Greece and are continuing the search in another three houses. According to the information so far, during the house raids police found and seized:

– Fifty (50) kg of ammonium nitrate

– Petrol bombs

– Numerous fire crackers

– Books and flyers of far-right content

– Symbols (flags with far-right symbols)

– Digital evidence

– Knives, swords and pocket knives

– Gas mask

– Baseball bats and brass knuckles

– Shotguns

– Butane gas bottles

– Small quantities of narcotics